Aug. 30th, 2015

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Reading A Choice With No Regrets, and this is just for me to write notes and analyze Farlan.

Farlan Traits

-Is a sneaky bastard
-Likes spying on people for info
-No nonsense
-The middle man between Levi and Isabel
-Insults Isabel but in a big brother(???) kinda way???
-Kinda cynical
-He cares a lot about Levi and Isabel, though
-He's a tad more chill than I initially imagined, but I think because Wings is set in modern times, he'll be a little happier.

So, he's more of a Slytherin type, which is kind of interesting. Camille made me make the connection between him and a fox! I love it!

Wings thoughts:
-I think there should be a scene in Wings where Levi wants to do something on his own, but decides he does need Farlan (and probably Erwin) after all. This time, he can make the right choice. It'll be raining.
-Farlan is sneaky, but Erwin is sneakier. This could be the reason how and why they hold back their feelings from one another.
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Fandom ship wars amaze me so much because both sides are always at fault and they can last forever. And the bitterness gets to be overwhelming to me, I wonder how people keep that up?

Another option would be to:
-not argue
-have fun
-take a nap
-pet some puppies, kitties, or bunnies. hamsters, also.
-step away from the internet

I mean, I can understand if there are legitimate real arguments, but if it's something like, the other shippers are too salty, you can honestly ignore them and keep doing your own thing.


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